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Гаишник тормозит машину, оттуда вываливается в хлам пьяная дама, выплевывает на дорогу конфету и говорит:
- Представляешь, с ликером попалась! allanecdots.ru

2016-05-15 02:21:41 - Jonalyn

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2016-05-14 04:08:23 - Janelle

God I didn&#039;t know Jeff was made redundant, was it a shock?? Thats terrible but <a href="http://iipkxqa.com">unortfuntely</a> all I seem to hear about at the mo, its great hes managed to get something else so quickly tho I totally agree when everyone is about its really hard to stick to WW, without routine I just go to pieces, I am officially dreading the summer holidays as I know I&#039;m gonna find it difficult to keep a handle on things. I don&#039;t want to get all Hitler about it either as obviously I want to enjoy it too. Ugh! 3 weeks to go until they are off tho so I guess the best I can do is be good until then!! xx

2016-05-13 03:14:51 - Mattingly

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2016-05-11 13:58:32 - Bono

while watching your vids,i was think about my strenght,and how i can increase it in a proper way.so heres my sytem.1. training: &#8230;lbs *4*4sets2. training: &#8230;lbs *5*4sets3. training: &#8230;lbs *6*4sets4Training: &#8230;+5.5 <a href="http://vmbuez.com">lb&3a*4s#82*0;&#8230;&#8230;..4nd</a> so oncurrently i&#8217;m at 110 kilo/242lbs*4*4setsat the beginning,i was at 102,5 kilo/225,5 lbs. so it definitly works for megreetings from germany

2016-05-11 05:48:45 - Ranessa

You are so right! It takes tons of hard work to lose weight. You have to really, really want it to be willing to put in the huge effort. It took lots of exinecsirg and careful meal planning to get to my pre-baby weight. There was no magical fast way to lose it. Have a great day, Rose!

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